Thursday, September 18, 2014


     Our motley crew spent 13 nights on a 42 foot catamaran cruising the Canadian Gulf Islands.  Out of those 13 nights, 5 were spent docked in Marinas.  We had some good adventures, some new adventures, and some bad adventures, but as everyone knows, travel really isn't travel unless one has SOME adventures. We learned how to fix a few things on a boat, and we probabaly learned a little too much about each other!  But...we did it! I will post a few stats here, but as the old saying goes..."you would have had to been there!" I, for one, am glad I was!

Total miles traveled:          615

Actually moving hours:      66 1/2

Average Miles per hour:     9.2

Gallons of fuel used:          425

Gallons used per hour:       5.9

Miles per gallon:                  1.44

                                           THE CREW OF THE NEW ADVENTURE

      Captain and chief trip planner, Steve "all hands on deck" Torgesen                                    

First Mate and Deck Hand extrodinaire, Bruce "Rum Runner" Burris

Chief Engineer and coffee maker, Fred "Call me Fred" Eisinger

Food planner and First Aid expert, Nannette "Sling Mama" Burris

Galley Slave and Cabin girl, Chris "Neen" Eisinger

Ship's journal keeper and Admiral, Connie "bossy pants" Kinyon

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