Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Not a good check out day!  We all met at Anecortes to start the check out process.  Big boat, lots to learn.  After an hour or so of boat systems, Steve had to take the New Adventure on his pilot "check out" ride.  Well, had a few stumbles but it is a 42 ft Catamarran and like piloting a box.  We had barely finished all the check out and one of the biggest thunder, rain storms hit just as we were unloading the cars with A LOT of stuff.  The guys actually made it to the boat, but left all the ice chest and food in the carts as it was a torential downpour.  Us 3 gals were stranded in the covered slip area, without rain coats, and clothes and open bags.  Miserable, but we waited it out and all converged in a very wet boat...and guess what?  There were leaks. Nan and Bruce had a leak (from the broken window) on to their bed! Maintenance call!  Our shower hatch was leaking...let the griping begin......

Steve kept saying it was going to be warmer and calmer as we sailed North, but the first night was anything but comfortable.  Everything was wet, I was cold, Bruce was hot, Nan was claustrophobic, Fred and Chris were crowded.....we basically just stashed clothes and food in every nook and cranny to get stuff out of the way....there was some discussion about who was going to be in charge of am coffee, and how strong/tap or bottled water...........let the the fun begin!

It wasn't all horrible, as soon as the wine and rum were uncovered, we did start "happy hour", and I will say that things started looking up.  We decided to go out for dinner, mainly because we were all so tired and the foodstuffs were unorganized.  Steve drove to a fine little place called "SECRET COVE" and we had a great meal and an even greater waitress.  We stopped at a store to top off the amount of sweets we had already brought aboard, and called it a night.  Crawling into the bed with rain battering our New Adventure.

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