Friday, May 8, 2015


After a great but too big breakfast, we hit the ground running and got to Tiananmen Square in the morning.  It is only about 3 miles from our hotel , but we took a bus because of all the traffic and congestion. Because of the student uprising in 1989, the Chinese are very conscious or fear any gatherings of large groups of people at this Square.  It is HUGE and I can see it easily holding 1 million people as it did in the uprising. It is quiet because people are not allowed to chant, yell, or even seem like there is going to be a demonstration. The "army boys" appear out of no where to disperse any group that gathers too long, although you can take pictures if you don't take too long. The Chinese love this place in their 2,000 year old city, and even though it was a week day, many families and young people are walking about the square which incidentally borders next to the tomb of Mao.

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