Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Ditto what I said every morning.  We had a more leisurely start as Chris took a shower, Nan took it easy, and we put fuel in the boat.  No more distress messages on WiFi so we (the half that brought Ipads) had a"fix" with the free internet.  We cruised along heading North and were headed to a place called Blind Harbor.  Nan said her ankle was feeling a tad better, but now she was sporting a nice rosey bruise on her chin.....she is going to look like she got beat up by the time we get back to Sequim.

To get to BlindHarbor we had to go theu two "significant" rapid areas.  Of course, it is best to go durning slack tide, but the 3 men were looking for excitment...and we got it.  The first rapid, Arron, was the most powerful...and we weren't prepared.  After scouting a bit, the Capt hit the throttle, and we got a rocking and rolling.  The fridge door flew open and stuff started shooting out.  The main cabin doors (which we hadn't locked), were doing a slam-bam dance.  Other things were crashing to the floor and the dingy looked like it was going to sail away on it's own.  It was like riding a bucking bronco, at least in the inside cabin where I was.  One down- one to go!  We got prepared for the next  rapid called "Dent".  It was another fun ride, but not quite as bad and we weathered the rocking and rolling once more.

Blind Harbor also has a strong current and there is a warning in the boating book.  We approached and asked for moorage and the dock master told us where to moor the NA.  Capt Steve was ready, but the rest of the crew was not, and that was the crux of the problems we approached.  Side note: There had been a bit of a cocktail hour going on after the rapids and before the moorage...kind of a happy"we did it" type of celebration.  Not going to dwell on the calamaties, but say the four letter words were spewing from the Capt. and the deck hands were really trying to get the fenders moved and then lines ready, but we all missed the dock and the dingy was in a bad position, as in "DON'T GET THEN LINE TANGLED IN THE PROP OR WE ARE SOL!  Poor Steve.   Evidently we were putting on quite a show because one of the few boats nearby was doing a video of us, and offereing condolences when we finally docked.  We had a short meeting where apologies were offered and changes were made in deck hand duties...and we all played kissy kissy and made up and decided to go up to the store and order dinner.  The owners were German, so they offered Schnitzel or Goulash and sides.  The night started getting pretty chilly as we were in the most Northern part of the Desolation Sound.  We had covered about 90% of Desolation Sound and were ready to head back towards the southern part in the morning.

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