Thursday, September 18, 2014


Jedidiah to Wallace Is. with a stop over in Nanaimo.  Heads acting up again, and I can say we are all mighty  sick of the inconvienience! We decided to make a lunch stop AND pump out the heads in Nanaimo.  It's a harbor friendly city on a beautiful Saturday am and there were very few boats at the pump out dock. The guys made a good thourough job out of this distasteful endeavor, and we all hope it will keep us until we get to Anecortes Marina. We have been keeping a log of problems, some small and some NOT SO SMALL! The joke is we are keeping a log and there is NO boat specific log on this craft.  A no no, as far as we are concerned.

After the nasty job was done, we all walked into town and spied a fish and chip place on the dock.  It was a good place for a quick lunch and then an ice cream cone....and Ta....DA🎶..........NANAIMO BARS!    Emptied the garbage and did a quick pick up and we cruised on calm seas to Wallace Island.  
I have only been to Wallace Island when there were just a few boats anchored in Princess, but this night there were a lot of boats!  Too many for our tastes, but we found a spot and set the anchor. Quiet wine time with the crew and Nan and I slaved away making a very elaborate meal of sautéed chicken breasts    with artichokes, capers, and tomatoes, served with brown rice/quinoa , and spinach Naan bread with peppers. Everyone agreed that our meal planning and preparation has been spot on and above and beyond.   A cra cra game of Mexican Train sent us all to bed!

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