Tuesday, September 16, 2014


It got really chilly last night and we woke up to a cool morning.  We were going to hang out a bit, so people had time to do things.  The marina had nice showers with unlimited hot water, so a few of us made use of those.  Steve and I decided to go on a hike through the woods and it was a nice thing to do.  Easy trail through mature forest with sun pouring through the trees.  After an hour or so we were headed back to the boat and Steve spied some heavy laden blackberry bushes.  He said he'd pick if I would make another cobbler..deal.  While he was picking, I managed to go a a bit of a buying spree in the store's gift shop.

This was going to be our shortest day traveling, so we didn't actually pull out of the marina until noon!  After 2 1/2 hrs of boating on the smoothest seas ever, we ambled in to Octopus Cove marine park.  Absolutley beautiful, and quiet with only a couple other boats around.  We stern tied and enjoyed a sunny afternoon in a quiet setting.  About "wine time" the guys loaded us all in the dingy and we putted over to a big rock out cropping and sat and talked and took in the warm breeze and quiet lapping of the water.  Of course, things were just too perfect, eh?  Brucie-baby was trying to get the dingy for us and he slipped on the rocks, took a dunking and cut his knee pretty bad.  He just couldn't let Nan have all the medical attention!  Actually, it was bleeding pretty good and we kept telling him to stand in the cold salt water.  After we got back, we got the first aid kit out and it was Nan's turn to play nurse.  We started dinner late (lasangne and salad), but it was good when we finally ate it.  Four us played a crazy game of "Catch Phrase" and got some good laughs before we hit the hay.

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