Thursday, September 11, 2014


Steve and I got up and jogged/walked on island trails.  We all need a shower but Nan was the only one with loonies (2) and that is what the shower meter in the marine park required.  Fred and I each took a loonie and enjoyed nice long hot showers.  Then we headed across the Straits of Georgia, which took us over 3 hrs in a small white cap chop.  No problems and the boat was fast and behaved well. Steve  made a unilateral decions to head toward Princess Louise Inlet and moor at Chatterbox Falls dock.  

After the Straits, it was a picture perfect day for cruising in glassy water and light breeze. Sling Mama (Nan) was still having pain in her shoulder, but everyone else was doing fine with good night's sleep.  We were still figuring out systems on the boat and got the music going, but the DVD still won't work and we brought alot of movies and DVD's to play....

As we headed toward the end of PLI, Malibu Club began to come into view. 3 of us have been there long ago and it was fun to see this beautiful camp gleaming in the afternoon sunshine.  I was there as a "young lifer" in high school many years past, and Nan and Bruce had come up with a group of adults for a short time years ago.  It IS a long way, but having a fast boat helps!

After a look/see at Malibu, we continued to the end of the Inlet.  We spied ONE spot on the inside of the dock, and went for it in our gigantic powered box.  Easing into the vacant spot brought the looky lou's out from their boating cocktails to watch, but it also brought help, and once again the boat was easy to "parallel park".  We started the Bar-b and cooked salmon burgers and made asian salad.  The Marina gave us a gift pack when we boarded and we enjoyed a very nice white from the Lopez Island Winery. Fred and Bruce once again hit the beds early and the rest of us stayed up for a bit longer and listened to music. 

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