Wednesday, September 17, 2014


We rose early to take care of boat issues and keep heading out of Desolation Sound.  We managed to clear our head and after a bit of running time, the "noise" (which we all thought was the Starboard bilge) had stopped too.  Cruising WITH  the wind was warm and pleasant and we relaxed as we headed to Jedidiah Island, arriving in the afternoon.  There are wonderful coves all around the island, but they fill up fast and we found one and did our stern tie and took down the dingy.
We all piled into the dingy and went ashore for various hikes.  Steve and I decided to follow a trail to the top of the island (about 1000ft) and were rewarded with nice views and a geo-cache at the top.  There were two big plastic tubes that contained notebooks and messages from people who had made the climb.  The others took a different route and found a grave site and ferrel sheep.  By the time we all got back to the boat , it was "cocktail hour" and settle in for a gorgeous sunset.  Sausages on the Bar-b and some dancing music.  A nice uneventful quiet day on the water and just two more nights on the New Adventure.  Most of us have turned our thoughts to home already and modern amenities, but  not Steve.  He wants to stay on the water.

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