Monday, September 15, 2014


Charter a boat, expect some things to go wrong.  We have had our share of funnies, and furies on different boats, but always expect them to behave well.  New Adventure has had a few issues and most can be dealt with, but yesterday we had a major issue.  Long story short: we have 3 heads (one for each couple) and 2 were NOT working.  We knew the wasn't our first rodeo, and we had been given the "boat head" talk.  We all were being very conservative in our bathroom habits, and there was absolutley no reason for the 2 toilets not to flush.  We all fretted and read, and reasoned, and interjected ideas for hours last night, but the consensus was we could NOT use the 2 affected toilets.  The only one that worked was ours....and I don't get up at night to use the bathroom....but guess what? Everyone else does!  Our room was not all that private, but there was not a thing to do except let everyone use our head when ever they needed too.  
This group is more than courtesous and carefull, but the boat is a noisy creaky creature and it is not a quiet process to make one's way in the middle of  a dark night across the width of the boat to use the head.
In the am we were faced with turning around and heading back to Lund, and then a call to the Marina, and then waiting for a repair person...and $$$$!   As Steve turned the NA around to head back, Brucie Baby and the Fredster started working on the drain, black water, holding tank, vacuum pump. 
 Something worked and everything started doing what it should! We were still all so tentative about how  long this would last!  I mean these two saved us big bucks, stress, time, messes, and I for one  was going to be happy to have "my space" back!  I owe them a drink or two!

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