Monday, September 15, 2014


Sorry to be so redundent, but we rose to another beautiful morning in a pristine cove, with good coffee and someone who made fresh "by scratch" pancakes...(Nan).  While the bacon was cooking, the "boys" all headed to the woods the in the dingy.  They were being considerate! 😛.  On the way back to the boat, they stopped and Steve actualy dove into the water to retrieve the anchor on the stern hold.  Impressive, since it was not even 7:00 AM yet!  We had a really special treat with the pancakes.  Fred and Chris brought maple syrup from Minnesota, made with Fred's brother's maple trees. I mean it was SOOOOO SOOO GOOD!
Headed out to Gorge and Whaletown and a bit of a chop came up.  We had a tricky channel to manuever and with Bruce at the helm, we just breezed on by.  We ended up in a wonderful little Marina in Gorge Harbor.  We got a perfect outside berth amd when the harbor master said Drinks and Tapas on the resturant deck at 3:00PM, AND free WiFi....we were there for the night!  We all walked to check out the showers, store, and laundry and then moseyed over to the only resturant on town for an afternoon delight.  Good tapas and good drinks on the deck on softly warm afternoon.

When we got back on board and I took a look at my messages and there was one from Stefani asking me to tell her parents to call her asap.  A little panic ensued because she was NOT specific and F & N assumed it may be Fred's mom.  It was a hospitalization of Stefani's husband and they got it all worked out.  Nan decided to go do a load of laundry.  On the way back to the boat, the usually careful Nannette, took a wrong step and twisted her ankle pretty badly getting on the boat.  She also hit her chin really hard and knocked her jaw too.  The noise was loud and it scared the hell out of us in the boat.  Bruce made a dive for her shoe, which was knocked off in the fall, and landed in the water.  After all the adrenalin rushes wore off, we cozied Nan up with ice packs and elevated her foot.  Bruce helped her get settled for bed, and hoping she would feel better in the am, we called it a night and all went to bed.

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