Monday, September 15, 2014


❕We were nestled in  cozy Laura Cove for the day and did a stern tie with the dingy anchor.  With heads working, we enjoyed the afternoon.  Bruce and Fred napping, Steve  and I off in the dingy to explore the coves and rocky ledges.  We saw "millions" of jellies and oysters and clams!  There were signs posted not to eat the shell fish. And we wondered if the warning was true or the Canadian govt was just trying to keep people from decimating the bounty.  We saw seal colonies and climbed some rocks where seals dove fast to get away from us.  We decided to go back and get the group and have a "wine time" out on the rocks!  We found a partly shaded, treed knoll and settled in with our goodies.  The Fred-ster stayed aboard and guarded our   As we were enjoying  our repast, a rather large yachat approached our cove and anchored right outside Laura.  When I say rather larger, I am talking over 100 foot with  red shirted crew and jet skis, and speedboats and all sorts of amenities.  The NOVA SPIRIT, was out of RVYC and had our imaginations going on what it would be like to sail on her...(and how much $$).  

The galley crew fixed a mighty fine meat and potatoe dinner on our humble craft and we feasted on pot roast, mash potatoes , and steamed carrots, and called it good!
Finally.....we all played a few games of Mexican Train and went to bed.

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