Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Hard to leave the little Octopus Cove we were nestled in, but we had bigger fish to fry.  Namely Seymour Narrows.  For those who don't know...Seymour Narrows is famous for: it's CURRENT, it's LENGTH, it's DIFFICULTY,  it's WHIRLPOOLS, and RIPPLE ROCK.  In fact it is so infamous, there is an entire page devoted to it in "Waggoner Cruising Guide".  The book states plainly at the beginning that most commercial vessels STAY CLEAR OF SEYMOUR NARROWS...except at slack tide. It also states that even a few SECONDS of going sideways can spell disaster for said ships.  We basically hit the Narrows while it was flowing about 17 knots. AGAINST US! We even had the opportunity to go backwards when Steve pulled back on the throttle.   To say I was not enjoying this is an understatement.  Being prone to seasickness and getting moved like the end of a whip was not fun for me and I ended up sitting close to the edge on the stern of the boat in case my breakfast deciced to move upwards.  With the currents so strong, and NO slack tide for hours, it was a long ride.  The boat did ok, amd everyone else seemed to enjoy the fun.  One bit of info.  We did not see even one other boat in the Narrows while we were going through it.  They were all waiting the slack at varius pull outs along the way.😁
We sailed a while and then ducked into a very small cove on Quadra Island called Seascape. Not much action and no dock help and we all deemed it was probabaly closed for the season, so we got back on board and headed for the other side of the island and our next choice, Taku Marina.  This was a much better choice and looked out on a beautiful area called Rebecca Spit Provincial Park.  We were the only boat to moor there that night so we got the dingy down and putzed around for awhile and checked out the WiFi, and showers, and the Spit.  The guys had made loose reservations for the Heriot Bay Inn for dinner.  This is an old funky hotel that was taken over in 2008 by a bunch of Island "hippies".  Between them all, they had enough needed skills to turn this into a fun amd deleicious place to dine.  We sat outside in the early autumn sun and ate dinner.  So far, for me, this was the best meal I have eaten on this trip. I had halibut spring rolls with vermicelli noodles and shredded veggies, dipped in a yummy peanut sauce.  Man!  Drooling thinking about it now.

We walked back to the dock and sat around until everyone decided to turn our stateroom we could hear a motor running!  Weird, as everything was turned off.  Steve and I tried to figure it out and poor Steve even crawled into one of the outside hatches where we thought the noise was coming from.  Bruce got up and helped us and after some time, we figured the only thing that would stop the noise was turning the DC off!  So that is what we did, but then no one had lights or anything else!  To top it all off, we hadn't pumped our head for awhile and our toilet was plugged.  We went to bed but decided we would have to rise early and figure out all this stuff!


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