Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Princess Cove was a quiet place as we rose to the sunshine. Normette made a yummy breaky of eggs and sausages and the 3 girls decided to take a trail to the old abandoned cabin.  We were happily chatting and walking and we followed the "other" path.  No biggie as we skirted the outside of Wallce Is with beautiful scenery.  We saw the New Adventure out in the sound and they sent dingy boy (Bruce)  to make contact with the wayward ladies and then we piled intomthe dingy and went ashore where we found the cabin just a few hundred yards inland.  In the last years since I have seen the "mess house", it has exploded in riff-raff and a lot of it preplanned and brought in just to add to the pile.  Sort of made me sad, but not sure why.

We all were together for the sail into U.S. Waters and as we crossed the boarder the cell phones pinged and the iPads worked! The waters were consideraly more busy as we neared Friday Harbor and the Customs Dock.  We had an uneventful entry and moved the boat to the fuel dock where is sucked up the petrol again.  Then we found a nice outside dock moorage and walked into town to watchnthe second half  of the Seahawks game and have a nibble or two. While there, Steve called Pete and Nancy Hardy.  Pete is a fellow paraglider and he and his wife live on their boat in the summer in Friday Harbor and drive Whale Watching vessels.  They were making a batch of beer on the back of their boat and said they would meet us later for dinner. And that is what happened.  We have a fun evening on the warm roof top deck of Friday's Crab House near the ferry dock.  Boating stories came spilling out and Pete and Nancy had plenty of their own!  It was a fun night to end the trip. Tomorrow, we have a short jaunt to Anecortes Marina, and our New Adventure will be over.

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