Monday, September 15, 2014


I can basically say that the honeymoon is over aboard the New Adventure.  Close quarters with some strong willed people, difficulties with the boat operations, and just plain personality defects made us dispense with the nicey-nicey and start airing the dirty linen.  I am partly kidding, but anyone trying to live together in a small space, with not much privacy is bound to have a few issues.  None of ours are insurmountable and may even be a good thing as we work out our varius boating roles.

We started our morning in Lund by going ashore for nice hot showers and unload garbage and visit Nancy's Bakery for breakfast.  Nancy's was yummy and we loaded up on cinnamon rolls, scones,fresh baked bread.  Steve made a call to Anecortes Marina to report a few issues and ask some questions, like: why can't the DVD player work? Where's the other oar for the dingy? why won't the dingy motor idle? And a few other things.  We actually did not get much help as they declared ignorance on most of the issues.  Little did we know, as the day loomed on, we would be facing the biggest problem to far.

The weather was excellent again and as we prepared lunch, the Fred-ster spotted a pretty good sized hump back whale in a calm lagoon.  This guy was "playing" with a small log...balancing it on his head, his fluke, and his barnacle covered back.   We cut our motors and just floated as this whale entertained us for about an hour.  We were so mesmerized and so far rated it as a highlight of the trip.  Finally, the whale got tired of playing and swam away.

We found ourselves in Tenedos Bay early in the afternoon and decided to go ashore and do a little hike to Unwin Lake.  This proved trial and error as we  took a few trails that didn't take us to a  beach.  Finally reaching a rocky spot, Steve , Brucie, and myself jumped in the lake and had a great swim.   Then we hiked back to the dingy and Steve and I swam back in the salt water to the boat.  Quick showers, "chinese laundry" hanging on all sides of the boat and wine time!

We fired up the music and did a little boat boogie and made another bar-b-que and had some interesting conversation.....
....and tried to decide to do with our most pressing issue yet!

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