Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Picking a Blog name

I decided to try something new on this trip.  Usually, I drag my notebook computer with me and email friends who want to hear about our  adventures.  But, I finally decided to try a "blog".  Now I can just enter a post on my blog and it's up to you to visit or not.  Maybe, I'll be talking to myself the whole time, but I'll never know.

So, I had to create a title.  Thinking I would put something clever with the word travel in it.....oh sure.  There are millions of travel blogs, and every time I tried a new title...I got the  "already taken" message.  It was hard, and I finally came up with "catch us later".  So...that's it.

We are headed to Turkey for about 3 weeks.  We'll travel from Istanbul, along most of the Turkish coast line and then in land for 5 days.  Please check our blog and come along for the ride........and oh yes,
"catch us later"