Wednesday, September 10, 2014


The day dawned warm and sunny and things were drying out, and everyone was getting into better spirits.  That first night was a hard night for some of us.  I didn't sleep well and neither did some others.  Nan somehow wrenched her shoulder in a bad way and had to take REAL drugs and also move up and sleep on the salon  couch to get relief. But we pulled out of the harbor and were on our way.  The guys designated 2 hour shifts and as were skimmed along the islands we all learned different things about our boat.  Some funny, and some not so funny.  It seemed like as the day went along most us could not resist the fresh air and salt seas and succombed to a nap up deck.

We checked into customs at BedWell Harbor, which is small.  Steve piloted the big ol boat to the dock with neary a hitch.  It was warm and we were all pretty hungry, so tuna sandwiches and chips were quickly cobbled together for a lunch, then we went along the calm seas all afternoon.  We made excellent time and even had a go at manuevering in PiratesCove for practice.   We finally pulled into the big dock at New Castle Island across from Nanaimo for our first evening.  It was time to relax with a few glasses of wine and some R/C's for the Bruce-ster.  Amid joking and laughter us ladies made pulled pork sandwiches and coleslaw for a mighty fine meal.  I had brought fixings for a fresh blackberry cobbler and even though the oven was touchy and turned out well.  

Steve went for a walk around the whole island, Nan and Chris played Gin Rummy, and Bruce and Fred hit the sack early.  The next day would be long on the water, but we felt we had worked out some of the workings of the boat and I think we all slept much better than the first night.

Crazy Factoid: our boat carries over 700 gal of fuel and goes like a champ.  The fuel efficiancy is amazing for such a large boat.  BUT: we only carry 200 gals of water, so water use and rationing was started from the git go.  When to flush (haha) , how to shower( the touch and go boat shower method). No running water for anything and using "not too dirty rinse water" for other tasks. So far so good, and we haven't turned into the "Survivor crew" yet, but it is still early in the trip and water will be the big equalizer!  

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