Monday, May 11, 2015


We flew 4 small flights while in China. From the minute our Air Canada flight touched down in Beijing, we were very impressed with the Chinese airlines. The airports were beautiful, spacious and very modern and easy to navigate. Probably, the best airports I have ever been in in the world. The planes we spotless, efficiently boarded and ran right on schedual. We flew 3 different Chinese airlines. The crews were young, but there were alot,of crew for each plane, so things were taken care of immediately. They always served a hot meal, and while NOT gormet, they were adequant. This all in coach. The Chinese are masters at moving large amounts of people efficiently. Customs were quick also. Cars are all new. We never saw an old car in any of China. The cities have alot of cars, but not many trucks. The freeways are big and new and signage is everywhere. The rail system also is efficientand  the subway was a piece of cake, and we found no one there speaking English. We used "sign language" and people were helpful, but the subways were extremely clean and safe, and even tho they are packed with people, people are orderly and curtious. I was expecting chaos and crowding and yelling and misery. Every transport was the exact opposite of that, and we were impressed. I Love the picture of the different speeds on can go in different lanes. Why don't we do that? The Chinese are not bad drivers. No one speeds, the cars are all new,and people just seem to know how to drive. The only thing I thought was odd is they do not stop for people on foot! At all, even if you have the light in your favor or are in a crosswalk, they will completly ignore that and just keep moving. It is usually at a slower speed, but you have to be on your toes and ready to dash or die!

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