Monday, May 11, 2015


We are basically headed to the monumental Three Gorges Dam, and along the way we will pass thru the three main gorges. The idea for this massive dam was started over a century ago. Many nations, including the USA have played a big part in building it. But, today, we just relax and let the world go by as we sail thru one gorge and then the next...each one longer than the previous and beautiful scenery along the way. In Wu Gorge we board small Sampans and travel down the tributaries the ship cannot go. We see where the local people have been displaced by the rising waters. The Chinese government had rebuilt whole neighborhoods and small towns and most of the people were in favor because they promised them A/C, TV, and a few more modern conveniences. We had a local girl guide who had taught herself English by listening to the radio in her new town. She wanted a better  job, and she got it being a guide.
That night we attended a beautifully costumed fashion show showing the dresses of each dynasty. After the show, the Chinese, who LOVE disco, put on the tunes. A few us us got up on the dance floor and  had a bit of fun. They think if you are a westerner, you KNOW all the best dance moves and they yell....teach me, teach me. It really doesn't matter what one does..they love it! So I did my signature lawn mower  and sprinkler disco moves. We laughed so hard...and they just love the Electric Slide and Macarena too! A little old fashioned...but still alot of fun. It was one of my few "late nights out"!

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