Monday, May 11, 2015


Got our luggage off the ship...check out the pic! Old fashioned way but amazingly strong crew does it easy. Checked in for a night flight to Shanghai. We arrived about 10:30 to delightful weather and no smog. I was feeling sick and just wanted to go to bed. We were holed up at the Hilton. Sweet. I could be sick there. And miracles....FB and google were now allowed. I dont get it! We slept in and the next am took a walk in a beautiful park in the French Quarter. We have been doing a little Tai Chi some mornings with our guide. Always outside in a delightful setting.  He is making us a Tai Chi video that goes through the excercises we learned, and I plan to practice it.  I loved taking his instruction in China. Shanghai is different than the other cities we visited because it feels European and is even called "Paris of the West". It is on the Yellow Sea and a moderate climate, with a lot of Westerners, and English signs and English spoken, so it feels comfortable. As in all of China, guns are illegal, the police do not carry guns, and probabaly the only thing to ever worry about is pick pockets in the crowded markets. We went into Chinese grocery store to buy candy and look around and they took our water bottles.  But, as were were leaving they handed them back, even remembering who's was who's! funny! After communism, and expulsion of foreingners, Shanghai went into decline. But, it has recovered nicely  with banks and economics rule. The city is vibrant and bustling, and beautiful and by far my favorite place on the whole trip, even though I was feeling pretty sick by nighttime. Everyone went to a traditional Chinese acrobatic show after dinner.  I skipped it all, and just went to bed!

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