Friday, May 8, 2015


There are A LOT of people in China! And even tho the younger ones are very "high tech", there are many  many people in China who have never actually seen a "western person" except on their TV's. Especially people from rural areas. When we go to a park or in the non touristy areas, we are becoming "famous" . Almost every day someone wants to take my picture...but they want to BE IN THE PICTURE WITH ME!  Even though the new generation is learning English, I am surprised how little it is spoken here, and they gabber, gabber with their cameras, but we can tell what they want! Not group picture, but individual with their arms around me...whatever...I was climbing a high tower yesterday called the "wild goose pagoda" and it was steep a d somewhat dark, but lo and behold, a couple Chinese woman just went giddy when they saw me on the landing and of course, wanted the picture! Sometimes they want Steve if he is around, but they REALLY want to be in the picture with the person! So of course, My pic is now on a lot of iphones in China!
Pic is on a couple "friends" who did the climb with me and the Wild Goose Pagoda, which is actually on of the oldest Buddhist Temples in China, but since China has outlawed religion, it is just a place to exercise in a pretty park.

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