Friday, May 8, 2015


We went to a huge,vast monestary called Sera to watch Monks debate. This is one of Tibet's last historic institutions which now serves more as a university than a place of worship. Alot of it is in decay, and not as many Monks are there, but each day about 4 pm, the Monks have a debate on philosophical issues.  It is really more of a training ground for the older Monks to test and ask questions of the younger, novice Monks. The younger ones sit around in an outdoor court yard, while the more experienced Monks bark out questions.  If they are not satisfied, the Monks SLAP their palms together very hard to "shake things up".  There was A LOT of palm slapping the day we were there, but it looked like the Monks were having a good time, and some laughter along with the learning.  The presence of the Police was huge and even though we were allowed in the courtyard, we had to stay on a cement barrier and not congregate. When we returned to town we went to a Tibetan cultural show and ate yak, and many other different foods common to Tibetans...also, Lhasa Beer which is a lager type and a great thirst quencher.

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