Monday, May 11, 2015


After sailing thru then gorges we entered the locks at the damn. Our passage  entry was determined by the lock master  and took over three hours. Unfortunately, our turn was in the middle of the night, so not much to see...but it WAS VERY NOISEY and kept me awake a lot. After breakfast and disembarking, we toured the site of this massive (and controversial dam). It is 5 times larger than Hoover dam and the largest dam of it's kind in the world. The subsequent lake is now the world's largest reservoir and the dam provides over 10% of China's hydroelectric power. We climbed all over the towers and the platforms and really got an in depth look. Once again, it was very very warm. We returned to the ship in early afternoon and sailed onto an area called Yichang, this a beautiful area with the old mixed with the new. We left the ship and went to a restaurant for dinner, then drove to the airport to await our flight to Shanghai. I was feeling coughy and bought Chinese. Cough drops, that were very strong.

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