Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I forgot to say that as we were exploring Shanghai, it really didn't seem like China at all, so we went to see Chinatown.....IN CHINA! I thought it was funny. A place set in a big Chinese town that was so modern they had to have a Chinatown of old in it. It was very much like Chinatown in San Fransisco, New York, or Vancouver, except all the tourists were Chinese and it was very very crowded! Something strange about that. This is where all the "knock offs" are sold and buyer beware! They make everything look so legit!  And there was a Starbucks there...one of 180 Starbucks in Shanghai!
This am I was feeling bad and stayed in bed all day.  Steve went with some other travel matesto the  Bund(waterfront) and after they were turned loose, he made it to a real Chinese silk factory where he bought a silk comforter, which is supposedly better than down. You can use it all year round. He also bought me a beautiful scarf there.  After the real deal, he and another few people wanted to go to the fake area where there are are all sorts of "backroom" deals being made in jewels, watches, etc. he and another guy found a "Rolex" seller, but the guy was nervous and had to take them into a back room, something we were warned NOT to do. They each wheeled and dealed and ended up with an "authentic" Rolex.  Yeah.  We'll see...no box, no service, no guarantee. Hmmm. We'll have to see who got the best deal!
After being in bed all day, I rallied enough to attend our farewell dinner at a French Restuarant, the only non Chinese meal we had the whole trip. I wore my beautiful new scarf! But , as we returned to the hotel, I was feeling punk again!

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