Friday, May 8, 2015


Most people know of these and their discovery in the mid 70's by a farmer digging a well. I have seen a few as they have made the rounds in US in galleries and museums.  But nothing can compare with seeing the scope of this 8th wonder of the ancient world. Created to guard the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, and egotistical empoeror who commiisioned over 8000 life size warriors with chariots, battle gear and horses to guard his tomb when he died.  He used up so much of the country's money, that he bankruted China in 246 BCE. Only about  2000 have been inearthed and the very cool,thing about this whole,operation, is itmis "on going". You can see the archeologists and students from the university actually cleaning the earth away and also putting the pieces together.   The warriors were vandalized by other dynasties and set on fire and broken with battle swords and poles, but the pieces are all there. The Chinese government has wisely dedicated a operation that will continue to our great grandchildren and beyond, still finding more of these treasures.  Modern x ray has already located them underground, and it goes on and on for 20 square miles! Only about 2 square miles have been unearthed as of now! It it really incredible.

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