Friday, May 8, 2015


This morning, our Chinese guide, Michael had us meet after breakfast and he gave a Tai Chi lesson. He practices everyday, and we all lined up and went thru the exercises and then did each one 7 times. It was peaceful and fun to get our Chi going.
We did some sightseeing and since this was our last day in Xi'an, we had a bunch of free time. 4 of us decided to go rent bikes and ride around the whole city on the City wall that goes for 10 miles. We decided to take the subway to the main gate house and see if there were bikesy to rent. Well, that was an adventure, but with a few hand signals and reading the subway map,we  figured it out. The subways are super clean and very efficient. In no time at all we were getting off at our stop. Then we had to walk a couple blocks and cross a deadly traffic circle where there are lots of cars ,and no one stops! No one. We were confused and had to cross it 3 times! It was horrid. I swore I would not go back.
Finally found the bikes, got them rented and away we went in the smoggy afternoon on a bumpy and very old pathway of a high wall that was used to protect the city in ancient times. It was fun, but it was also hot and steamy and we were sweaty. We walked back to the hotel and showered, ate, and I fell into bed for an early flt in the am to Tibet!

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