Friday, May 8, 2015


After another fantastic Chinese lunch with many many dishes, we drove out into the country area to visit a farm village.  Things have changed alot since industrialization, and the farmer we visited lives in a nicer home with a large courtyard. It was very peaceful there, and mostly they grow, corn, wheat,potatoes and lots of wheat! The farmer had always been artistic, but durning the communist takeover, his father was made to work in the fields, and the farmer didn't have a chance to go to school. He was lucky, because another field worker, who was a former college art professor recognized his talent and they ended up forming a teacher/student relationship where he learned as if he had gone to college.  He demonstrated his beautiful work, and we bought some art. Also,the town welcomed us with a traditional Chinese dance routine with dragons and floats. I got picked to also be in the parade and had to maneuver the dragon float.

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