Friday, May 8, 2015


We caughtan early am flight to the 2nd tier city of Xi'an.   2nd tier means smaller in the country of China, and Xi'an only boasts about 8 million people, but boy! Does this place pack punch! I swear the whole city is built on ancient burial grounds, and in fact, this is pretty much the truth! After landing , it was still early and we met our local Guide, Carol, who was excellent in all ways of historical knowledge, and a fine human being. She started explaining the differences between the dynasties of China and why certain emperors did certain things.  All believed in the afterlife and that it was EXTREMELY important to prepare for one's  future life in the afterworld. Some were so egotistic, and basically spent their whole life on earth making replicas of of "things" to take with them after death. So this area in China was very important historically because the ancient Chinese felt it was the middle of their kingdom, and the emperors ruled from Xi'an. So their mausoleums and all their treasures are being unearthed ALL the time! The biggest and most impressive, is, of course, the Terra Cotta Warriors, but they are many other's also, and the stories that go along with them. My head was reeling with info.

Driving to the main city from the airport was shocking to me. Miles and miles and miles of highrise apts, or condos as the Chinese call them. It just went on and on.........and on. I could not even begin to show the enormity of these condos, so for each picture I post, just add at 20 or 50 more pictures just like them...all lined up for miles! I really thought I had been transported to another planet!
After the shock wore off, we went to a really authentic tea house where people pay alot to sample the teas of China.  We went through an elaborate tea ceremony but only sampled 5 teas.

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