Tuesday, October 9, 2012

WAKA WAKA---It's Time for AFRICA!

So, we're hitting the road again....well, the skies, really.  I am packed and waiting for Mr. Steve to eat every leftover in the refrigerator, finish his packing, etc.  We are headed to Africa... and after checking the temps of the 4 countries we will be in, we have made room in our suitcases for a "stop and shop" at REI in Tacoma.  I knew it was going to be WARM, but the temps are in the 90's and one country posting 104 as of yesterday.  Holy Hot water!  On the trip we will be staying in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, and a few days in South Africa.
When we booked the trip, we thought we were going South African Airlines, but a nice surprise happened, and we are on United Emirates--Seattle, NON STOP, to Dubai.  UE is also putting us up in a hotel the night we get there , and we continue on to Johannesburg the next morning.  It takes a LONG time to get to Africa!  I have no idea what kind of internet we encounter along the way.  We will be staying in a variety of places, hotels, lodges, and even tent/huts..one place, The Royal Zambezi, is kind of in a remote region on the Zambezi River.   Hoping for a great time, lots of animal sightings, interesting culture, and no malaria or yellow fever! 


  1. Hi, Connie and Steve! I'm so happy you are resurrecting the blog! I'll be tagging along the entire trip! Safe travel to the dark continent!

  2. Glad to have the blog to follow along.