Sunday, October 14, 2012


After all our animal adventures yesterday, we had a nice relaxing afternoon by the pool. Where else can you be swimming or sunbathing by a beautiful pool, and African animals are walking to the waterhole just yards away? Zimbabwe! Because it is the end of the dry season, things are pretty parched and dry, and the animals don't have all the options for water that they have after rainy season. That is a bonus for us, as the waterhole is a popular hangout.
We were scheduled to do a sunset cruise on the Zambezi River, Africa's 4th largest river. This was followed by a drive in the bush to experience a real "bush" dinner. It was cloudy so the sunset wasn't the usual spectacular sunset, but the Gin and Tonics our new driver was making for us WERE pretty spectacular! Steve told me later,Matt was just chug-a-lug pouring the gin, and man were they good! I felt great, in fact so great that when the evening's entertainment started, I thought I may as well participate. After eating bush stew(Cape Buffalo meat served over grits, and covered with a tomato salsa stuff), a group of YOUNG Zimbabwean dancers came out and showed us their traditional dances. I thought it looked alot like Zumba, except waaaay faster, and the "flying twist". Note to Tanya: we gotta learn this! Well, you know what's coming, and yes, I did get up and dance with them, in my hot,dirty,bush safari clothes. I was hot, but not in the exciting way... Just hot and sweaty! This morning alot of people have told me they got great pictures of me and my gin induced frenzy tribal dance. I have spent alot of my day trying to track down these so called "great pictures" and intercept them before they hit the internet. This has cost me alot of money!



  1. Connie, that gin and tonic looks refreshing to me and it's not even hot here!! All us birds need to "shake our tail feathers" now and again! What better time to do it than when on vacation?!

    1. Thanks Linda...I tried not to make too big a fool of myself!