Sunday, October 21, 2012


This is dedicated to my grandson, Mickey, who loves to fish!
No clocks or alarms here; they just come to your tent and gently knock to wake you, with coffee, if requested! Our wake up call was 5 am, and after a light continental breakfast, I got in a boat with 3 others and off we went to fish for the Tiger Fish. Steve had elected to do a walk in the bush with a game guy and hopefully see something new.
The first thing we did was fish for the bait. I caught a couple of small fish, and off we went for the big ones. The Zambezi River is just teeming with hippos and crocodiles... Both very dangerous. It flow FAST in some areas, and is very shallow in others. We had a trained boat and fishing guide to help us navigate, and he was great., and had to multitask so much with 4 bumbling fishermen, a moving boat, baiting, watching out for real danger, and teaching me how to cast properly. Well, I never did get it right, but guess the fish didn't care, as I caught the biggest and most fish of the morning. My first Tiger fish got away while netting, my second catch was well over 10 lbs, and I accidentally hooked a hippo. He got even by taking all my line and the hooks too. One other guy in our boat got a smaller fish. The Tiger Fish puts up a big fight, leaping into the air and twisting.... It was much harder than I thought, but I hung on. I had an African massage scheduled for the am, but I am giving it up to go fishing again! Everyone wants to be in my boat.... Beginners luck and all that!

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  1. Wow, great catch! I read that tigerfish can grow up to 75cm, and it’s very delicious when you cook it. :) Good thing you found a safe spot for your fishing. Hope you’ll have more fishing adventures to share.
    {Melanie Daryl}