Sunday, October 21, 2012


The third country we are in is Zambia, which used to be Northern Rhodesia. We are at the RZL(Royal Zambezi Lodge), which is located in a remote spot on the Zambezi River. It is best described as rustic luxury! They only take up to 30 guests and each guest or couple has their own tent. Our tent has a big sleeping area, a dressing area with a huge copper tub, a bathroom with an extra outdoor shower, a massive deck overlooking the river.. AND we have our own private pool, and day bed on and extended deck for animal viewing and privacy. There are no locks, clocks, tv,etc. but there is a phone to call the main lodge and ask for an escort to walk us to the main lodge area at night. We are just right in the middle of all kinds of wild animals ALL THE TIME! The philosophy of the RZL is tolerance and do not disturb. Last night we were walking back from dinner with another fellow, and a big hippo was munching at his door area. Daytime is ok to walk to the lodge, but we can't go off the path area. We have massive elephants that have carte blanc run of the place, and when they show up anywhere, we just wait for them to leave at their leisure. Baboons are numerous and pesky, but fun to watch. They will take any opportunity to get into our tents and open suitcases, pill bottles, whatever, so we never leave a door open. It is so hot right now, that Steve and I have made a lot of use of then"plunge pool". We have no Ac,so a cool dip is welcome. Of course, there are all sorts of bugs, lizards, geckos, that inhabit our tents. But they just leave us alone. The staff attends to every need, leaving us huge thermoses of ice water, netting our beds at night, and waiting on us hand and foot. The food is wonderful, and all meals are eaten on a lovely deck with formal settings, except we are in tank tops and shorts. It is a magical place that pampers the guest while plopping us down in one of the most remote and wildest places in Africa. We have to leave tomorrow, and while the heat has been oppressive, the rugged beauty and the staff of the RZL is unforgettable! We are loving it!

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