Thursday, March 15, 2012


Last day in NZ...torrential downpours keeping all of us in motel, almost all. Nan and Bruce left for Australia early and Steve had already signed up for a river boarding trip, which was going to soak him,anyway. He was bussed to a river with class II-III rapids, put on wet suit and fins and given a small river surfing board to surf 4 miles of tumbling frothing NZ river. He said it was pouring! It was really fun and much harder than it looked! The 3 of us left were waiting for the "fine" afternoon that was predicted on theTV weather. And guess what? About 1o'clock it WAS FINE! That means sunny and about perfect around here, and so it was!
It was so perfect, that we four decided to board the gondola and have a "look see" at the top. Of course, being NZ , there was also a bungy jump and a ledge swing on the top also..oh-oh. His Highness of the Adrenaline Rush decided he had spent enough NZ dollars and went the tourist route with Dave,Linda, and myself. It was crystal clear up at the restaurant bar, where we watched others jump off the bungy, saw the whole country side, and decided it was a fine way to end our trip. But, there was ONE more "to do". Ever since we had landed in Queenstown, we had heard the praises of a "Ferg Burger". We hadn't had one because we could not even get close to ordering because of the throngs of people crowding and spilling out of the door ALL HOURS! But, it was our last "fine" day, so we decided we would run the
gauntlet, and go for it! It was loud,crowded, and a tad confusing for us olders, but the hamburger gods were smiling as we were taken under wing by a ready server, scored a seat being vacated, and got our burgers and chips in fast order. It was worth the wait and we wisely split one. Now we could leave NZ and say: YES, we had done the Milford, AND had a Ferg Burger! Wahoooo, and G'bye!

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  1. Thanks for keeping us all up to date with the adventure... I kept up with your posts and appreciated the photos and all.