Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Boarded a "triple7" for a long 14 hr flt to Dubai with United Emirates. I must say I have become a fan. Over the top service with attention to every little detail. There were silver sconces on the plane walls with beautiful bouquets of roses. Everything was touch screen and we had big size video screens to watch movies,etc. Of course, the seats turned into flat beds which we really appreciated when we wanted to sleep. ok...AND you could get a massage from the different zones of the body and different techniques. I think I spent too much time playing with all the electronic flat screen directions and conveniences, but now I will hit the ground running on the way back! Oh and another cool thing... When they turned the cabin lights off, the whole ceiling filled with a starry night sky and constellations. Those Arab boys think of everything. I know I sound like a kid in a candy store...but it was a great ride for 7500 miles and we hardly realized we were even flying.
Now we are hunkered down in a hotel in Dubai and will leave at 4:40 AM for Johannesburg, SA. It's really hot in Dubai(about 97, now) but everything is AC... Hopefully, Johannesburg is waaay cooler!

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  1. C&S, happy to hear you arrived Dubai! So, they probably don't even have Coach on United Emerates?! Holy heat, Batman! It's starting out pretty danged hot!