Monday, October 22, 2012


Yesterday was really hot! (110F) in between excursions,or in free time, Steve and I were taking advantage of our plunge pool... A lot! We also were using our day bed on private deck to rest, and catch a breeze, and at one point a big herd of elephants came with in 10 feet of our platform on their way to river to drink and cool off. It was quite the thrill! We had showered and were waiting for the drums to sound for lunch, when I noticed a big baboon at our pool. Then some of his friends showed up to party. They brought nuts and were cracking them and eating and drinking water from our pool, and then went over to our day bed and had a grand ol time. Jumping on the bed, tossing the pillows, rolling back and forth like naughty kids. Except these guys were hairy and dirty, and wild! Steve finally had enough and ran them off. We reported the delinquent behavior to the staff, and soon everything was cleaned and back to order. They later told us the baboons LOVE that particular day bed!
Late in the afternoon, some us decided to go canoeing, and the apprentice guides took us up a small tributary of the Zambezi. These guys are all from river villages and tribes, and are chosen for their innate skills and knowledge of the Zambezi. They all speak at least 5 tribal languages of the 73 languages spoken in Zambia, and of course, English. They are fun to be around and careful and conscientious. We only had one dicey moment when a huge hippo surfaced with in feet of the canoes. The canoe trip was relaxing and quiet, and at the turn around point.... Voila.... Ice cold Gin & Tonics!

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  1. C&S, haven't been able to check your posts in a few days - not since you arrived at the Royal Zambezi. WOW is that ever a unique place. I can't imagine elephants and baboons right outside the deck! You definitely are having an EXPERIENCE! I have to know, is the gin&tonic the national drink of Africa?! BTW, Dave says he didn't know you were such a great fisherwoman!