Friday, October 19, 2012


Did I ever say it was hot! Well, today was practically a heat stroke day! After many legs of a travel day, we finally landed on the airstrip of the Royal Zambezi. The airport in Zimbabwe was hot crowded, small, and antiquated. The plane seemed newish, clean, and they served potato chips and Africa's version of coke, so I guess it was ok. The driver that met us on the tarmac said it was 45 C ( that is at least 110F! ) And I was believing him! Note to Bruce: "how hot was it?"
We took a short ride to our next destination. This place is crazy unbelievable, and I will dedicate a whole post to it soon. We were greeted by cool refreshing apricot coolers and a big elephant in the doorway! Since this place definitely believes in living one with whatever nature's creatures show up, we just waited about 1/2 an hour before the crew could take us to our tents. The elephant was browsing in the coffee area and playing with MY suitcase. Everyone just takes it all in stride here.
After shedding our travel clothes and gear, we all piled into a few boats and off we went to capture the sunset on the river. We pulled over on a piece of ground that didn't have hippos or crocs on it, and the great RZ crew had set up a cocktail bar for our enjoyment! Gin and Tonics, munchies and great conversations..a beautiful sunset and more fun tomorrow. I am going fishing for a big ol mean fighting fish, called the Tiger Fish. Big teeth and stripes. We had a wonderful candlelight dinner on the deck overlooking the river, and after we were escorted (yes! More on that later) to our tent, all the mosquito netting was fixed, and our bed turned down.... And we slept like babies!


  1. C&S, between the ride on the savanna and being greeted by an elephant helping with your luggage, I feel like I'm reading an adventure novel! One I do not want to put down!! I'm so very happy I do not have to experience the heat though!

  2. Heat was hard, but it is amazing what one gets used too! 90 seemed perfect after a while! A few more days. We are back in Johansberg to ight. Down right chilly at 75!