Wednesday, October 17, 2012


We are nestled near the Chobe National Park on the Chobe River. Just a couple hours spent on the river and we see tons of Hippos, Crocs, Elephants,Baboons, Impalas,Kudus,CapeBuffalo,Warthogs, Zebras and many birds and more! We get up at 5 and go on game drives for a few hours, then in late afternoon we cruise down the Chobe River for "wine time" and are never disappointed in what we see. Botswana has the largest herds of Elephants and while majestic and wonderful, they have increased in population here and have literally destroyed every bit of land around them. No fences can hold them back. I was shocked to see how the land is barren and torn up from their constant eating all vegetation. Elephants just walk out on the
roads too. It is a problem here. I am just going to post some random animal pictures that I have taken in the last 2 days, and a picture of what the land looks like from Elephant damage. This damage goes on for miles and miles and miles, in fact all of Botswana, even in neighbor hoods.

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  1. C&S, amazing opportunity you're having to see all the wildlife! Loved the elephants with babies hanging onto their tails crossing the river! Sounds as though you're having an "excellent adventure"!