Friday, October 12, 2012


It was storming all am when we left Johannesburg, and I knew that wasn't going to be a fun 2 hr ride to Zambia. Even tho were were going to stay in Zimbabwe, we had to fly into Zambia, because Zimbabwe is a crazy ass place and landing at their airport was iffy. Of course there were long delays because of weather, and after a pretty bouncy flight, we landed in Zambia. Then we spent too much time trying to get visas in both countries, and after paying a chunk of US dollars... We met our guide, Endro, and went to see Victoria Falls. The falls are really low right now because it is at the end of the dry season, but it is better to see them ,because sometime, there is too much spray to see anything. We hiked about 3 miles in 97 degree and high humidity, and were just wiped out. Some crazy kids were tempting fate by swimming right next to the falls in a shallow pool. It is a long way down if they slipped. Crazy. I
Will try and post the pics I took of them. We are rising early to go look for the elusive black rhinos before it gets too hot.

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