Thursday, March 10, 2016


We got up in am to another hot day! Luckily, it was a do your own thing day, but whatever one chose, it was  hot! After lunch, our guide called us together and we congregated in the lodge for a "goodbye" with the staff of the lodge and Mau, our main go to guide.  They said we were the best guests ever! I don't know about that, but we were a small group and non complainers! They gave us presents! The ladies got beautiful Tanzania cloth that could be made into the traditionl dress. The guys got beautiful Masai cloth (wool) to wrap on their very white bodies. It was afternoon and steamy heat, but we all put on our gifts and took pictures.
We went to pack and  save time  for one more ride down the Wami and another sundowner party. Because the tide was in and the river was deeper, we went all the way to the Indian Ocean! We saw so many Hippos, birds, and of course "Chairman Mau" the biggest croc the guides had ever seen! Wine and beer, laughter, and singing.....we were hot sweaty happy campers, but more was in store at dinner.
A lone tree in the mouth of the river and Indian Ocean!

We really tried to "dress" a bit for our last dinner on the river...but, everyone was having bad hair, and all our clothes were damp, and we itched...still we joined in the main lodge, and as soon as the main dinner was over...the whole staff came out in a conga line singing a really wild upbeat native chant. It was wild. They were carrying a special cake they made for us, and as they rounded the table, they pulled each one of us into the line. It is amazing how good we danced after all the cocktails. The MOVES! The MOVES!  I cannot describe, and this is a good thing. They gave us the cake and told us after we ate some we had to reciprocate and bring it back into the kitchen with one of our tratidional songs. First we practiced  Auld Lang Syne....but I thought it was bit dated and dull. So "Louie Louie"! Man we brought it down! I was the leader, and  so engrossed in my roll, that I didn't take any pictures.
I hope someone did. But, I can tell you, the staff at Saadani River Lodge will rememeber us!

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