Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Our last few nights in Tanzania, and we are staying at such a lovely spot on the Bagamoyo Coast. We went on a very long game drive the second day. This area is just starting to recover from years of hunting, so even though we saw animals...they are skitterish and do not like humans. Not like Ngorongoro or the Serengiti. These guys sayed far away and would even run when they saw our jeep. So it wasn't as big a thrill.  Although a lion and attacked and eaten a man on a bicycle over a year ago. 

The government is working hard to protect the area and increase the animal population.  All the people employed by lodge are local tribal people, being trained for work. I can't say enough about the kindness of the Tanzanians. They are so proud to be "one" . Tanzanians first, then tribe. They are such friendly people and genuinely wanted us to enjoy their county.  All speak Swahili and English, and also a lot of German and of course, their own tribal dialect. 

The day of this game drive we stopped in at a "sister lodge" on the Indian Ocean. Same wonderful vibe, but managed by a crazy Scottish guy and his wife who came for a vacation and never went home! They served us a most excelent captains plate of fresh seafood caught locally. The prawns were to die for! Squid and small crabs and fresh blue tuna. We pigged out!

We ventured back out on the game drivend did manage to see quite a bit. But, it was HOT!  We came back in the late afternoon in time for cold showers and cocktails befor another fabulous dinner of lamb shanks, or chicken, and fresh made rolls.

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