Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Every since I knew about Mary Leaky discovering the Australopithecus boisei I was interested in archaeology and digging around to find our ancestors. Well, after our Masai Village visit, we travel down some bad bumpy dirt dusty roads and found a very inconspicuous hut where proclaimed we were almost at the "spot" Dr. Mary found "a. b". We were met by a very knowledgeable gentleman who  explained a great deal about that time in 1959 and what transpired to make them choose tha spot to dig. Then we piled intomthe jeep and went down to the dig hole. There were two young Masai boys with their  cows there, and I was thinking how  weird because this skull was the ancestor of all of us!
We dinked around the area, which really was just a big dusty area like a gravel pit. But, it was still a thrill to actually see the spot. They also had a small museum at the top, and  we got to see more photos and artifacts of that time. For 3 months out of each year, after the rains, there are three countries who still send students and staff for month long digs, because there is still more to discover. Spain, the US, and Tanzania.p

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