Sunday, March 6, 2016


We continued our exploration of Zannzibar, which is actually a group of islands, which used to be called "The Spice Islands". A great deal of our spices come from this area, so we ventured to a government owned farm and walked around all morning looking at spice plants and trees and seeing the what the finished   product was. Our guide was sort of a plant medicine man, and almost everthing grown on this farm also had medicinal uses, beside flavoring. Then some small "start up" businesses had made soaps, creams, and perfumes out of many of the plants. So , of course, we had to help the local economy. They thanked us by making us head wreathes and woven baskets and even a tie and a frog necklace out of leaves...maybe hokey...but still was fun!
It was hot! Of course. We are almost on the equator...sunny all the time. We went back to the hotel and had the whole afternoon to do what we wanted, but all we wanted was to cool off, so we went to the pool, sat in the shade! Drank beer, and swam a bit.  Steve wanted to actually swim  in the Indian ocean, so he did that and swam in the pool. In the late afternoon, many many young men come to the  beach and start playing soccer in the sand.  They really have fun, and are loud. They Usually end up diving in the clear warm water after soccer.  Two other couples we have gotten to know, wanted to go have a happy hour  before dinner, so we all went to the local beach bar and tried a whole array of Zanzibar and Tanzanian beer! We finished off the evening by listening to Tarrub music before dinner.

We enjoyed our A/C for the last time. Tomorrow we were venturing to Saadani on the Wami River...Equator hot, humid and no A/C! Can't even imagine surviving!

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