Wednesday, March 2, 2016


We have been traveling thru the Norgorongo Crater and the vast Serengeti for 4-5 day. We have had miserable heat, near 100 degrees. The Tsetse flies are horrible. Despite using deet of 98%, they are relentless biters. Both my ankles are swollen up 3x 's as large from bites, and I can no longer get my boots laced. mosquitoes come out at night, but we have nets and take Malaria Prophylaxis.  For me the heat and tsetse flies are the worse. We drink tons and tons of water...and it helps that our guide keeps a cooler in the jeep filled with bottled water. 
The roads are primative dirt trails and the dust is mighty! Sometimes we cannot even see a fog. This is the very end of the dry season, and the rains shall come and they need those, but right now.....we eat dust all day, wear scaves and masks and our clothes are constantly sweat soaked and dirty. I feel like a real miserable adventurer....almost.
We are a eight people with two jeeps, two native drivers and a guide. We spend long days driving game tracks and even just cross country on the grassy tundra. We have box lunches as it takes so long to get back to the lodges. We have seen so much exciting "circle of life" experiences...many, many animals, and abundant bird life. We always come back to hot showers, washout clothes, have a cool one ...or two....and enjoy dinner made by somewone else. Out of eight people, 4 of them are doctors, one is an emergency nurse, so we feel well protected! Hahaha. The drivers are great, but the roads are really really rough, bumpy, and very dusty.

We leave today to fly in a prop plane to Zanzibar.  The Serengeti is incredible, and I will write more of the adventures and what we saw in 4 exceptional days of exploring. 

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