Tuesday, March 1, 2016


We were driving from Ngorongoro today to the Serengeti National Park. After a beautiful morning drive we stopped at a typical Masai Village. This village gets a stipend for allowing visitors to come and see their traditional ways of living. It really is very cool and not hokey or too contrived. Of course they knew we were coming so they greeted us with traditional songs of welcome. One young man gave a brief history of the Masai who used to live in the Serengeti, before they were relocated to other areas. They still live in their tradition pastorial way of cow and goat herding. We have seen many many small villages every day, and they are all basically the same, with mud and dung domed huts surrounded by either tall fence poles or thorn bushes to keep out lions. Each couple was taken by one young man into his home, where they explained even more of daily life. They mostly eat meat, blood, and milk.No Fruits,   vegetables, or breads. Only the men herd and most are pologimists and each wife has her own mud hut. We saw their small school, and then had a chance to buy some of their beaded handy work which greatly helps with purchasing water cans and other basic survival gear. I really, really enjoyed the whole experience.

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