Friday, March 4, 2016


Today we are leavng the Serengeti and all it's tsetse flies, and animals, and flying to Zanzibar. Our guide told us NOT to go to breakfast but to meet him for a nature walk at 7:00am. We walked a bit and came to a beautiful clearing at the edge of a cliff.....and lo! The African music started playing amd the champagne started flowing.  What a fun surprise. They had set up a beautiful buffet table for us, but first we started dancing to the marimba's (helped by the champagne). Our drivers sat with us and we all said our goodbyes, for they will not be going Zanzibar. It was early am, the temp was perfect and we had a great time...yes! I danced. Duh!

The picture below is our cute hut nestled on a hillside right in the middle of the Serengeti. They made the best gin and tonics. The huts were wonderful inside, but no A/C, and we had to be so careful of mosquitoes and tsetse flyies

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