Tuesday, March 8, 2016


The evening sunsets are quick here on the Equator. And they are beautiful out on the river, and maybe a few degrees cooler. The First night we  took the skiff and our guides took us birding and animal watching on the Wami River. We are on the Bagamoyo Coast and the river runs into the Indian Ocean. We are very close to the mouth, so we actually get about a 5 ft tide change. It makes a difference in what one sees.  As we got close to sunset the "boys" dropped the anchor and spread a table cloth. So cute. Out came the booze and real crystal. Now, that is NICE out here in the far away places. Even little snacks. Since our refrigerators were stocked with booze, and we drank wine and beer for lunch and dinner, and were oftered small delicious liquors when we came back home from game drives, we were imbibing a lot.  Well, its a vacation! So we toasted our trip and enjoyed some fun talk. The guides were trying to teach us a traditional swahili welcome song, and we joined in with the words we could remember and pronouce...kind of a "kum ba ya" moment except in Africa in Swahili.
We were at Saadani for 3 nights and we did this sundowner fun for 2 of the nights.  We saw lots of birds and one of the biggest Crocodiles anyone had seen on the river. We "christened" the big guy..."Chairman Mau" after our head guide. On the last day, we had choices of things to do. Steve and I went fishing on the Wami with two of the guides. I caught 1 fish, but Steve caught 8! They were cat fish, and we didnt want them, but the boat driver was happy to take them.

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