Friday, November 15, 2013


Simply put, the roads in Uganda are bad.  There are not many. They are in difficult terrain and of course Uganda faces many challenges trying to fix anything.  I give so much credit to Steffi and George for getting us to our first destination, for while we were onserving and criticizing, and moaning, and complaining, and sighing...they were on high alert while driving through the most difficult conditions with humor and ease.  I was thanking them later that night for delivering us safely to our lodge, and they said, "oh that was an easy day, not much traffic.!  11 hrs for 200 miles!!! We did pass(and wait) for some road construction, so it seems things are slowly changing. A word about the Land Crusier: while the "work horse" of the bush and the kind of power one wants to get out of difficult situations...comfort isn't a high priority.  I was squished, bounced, and my palm blistered by hanging on the the grab bar most of the way.

George and drivers in Uganda!

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  1. I dream of Africa......well, maybe not! What a journey the two of you have had thus far. I'm sure when you are walking among the Mountain Gorilla this will be forgotten and you will have an amazing experience. I'm thrilled you're blogging your trip - it's my one guilty pleasure!