Tuesday, November 19, 2013

......and a little storm

We were met at the boat by two park Rangers and started off down the quieter waters of the Victoria Nile, also called the "white Nile". We heard some great info about early explorers and Ernest Hemmingway and his two plane crashes approximately where we were starting the cruise back to the lodge.  Our thirst was quenched, and we were enjoying the shade of the metal roof of our boat as we started down the  Nile  to look for hippos, crocs, birds, and enjoy the leisurly pace.
Steve kept mentioning to me that it looked like rain ahead, but how could that be?  Since this is still part of the rainy season, we have been treated to spectacular thunder and lighning storms every evening, and sometimes lasting all night long.  It is usualy
sunny again in the morning, and we have been enjoying this scenario.  It always seemed so far off, and provided incredible light shows for hours.
In a matter of about 10 min.....wow!  The temp dropped about 30 degrees, the thunder clapped, white caps churned up.....and yep, we were floating down the Nile river in an aluminum boat while lightening was striking.  I didn't like it. We all scambled for our rain geat, but I got soaking wet as the rangers were trying to secur the canvass flaps, and keep the boat on course at the  same time.  We had to "hug" the other side of the river where the waves were smaller, but we were still having to take them head on for safetly reasons and we all got soaked, and just hung on as we inched along.  It took twice as long as expected.  I am beginning to see a pattern here in everything Ugandan.  To be fair, it is a harsh, but beautiful, landscape, and we were looking for adventure, but floating down the Nile in an aluminum flat bottom boat in a lightening storm was not what I was thinking.

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  1. C&S - Me thinks this is not a trip for the faint of heart! But you are so right, the scenery, animals, experiences are priceless! Do take care however! We want to continue seeing you here in the 'hood stalking the wild things!!

    Love, Linda