Wednesday, November 20, 2013


There's always a light at the end of the tunnel, right?  After the roughest day of traveling, testing our bodies and minds, we started climbing the towards the Rwenzori Mts.  Close to the boarder of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  We climbed through a melange of forests, villages, and tea plantations to over 4700 ft and entered the grounds of Ndali Lodge.  I will describe it at a botique eco lodge.  No electricity, only solar power.  It is in a destinctive setting perched on the edge of an extinct volcano crater which now forms Lake Nyinambuga.  Everything is contructed with local building materials, and there are no generators.  It was originsly owned by a family from England who grew tea on the slopes.  During the 70's Idi Amin confiscated the estate and it fell to ruin.  It is a ruin no more, as one of the grandsons has returned it to a beautiful abode of 8 thatched guest cabins.  We were greeted by a calming tea service on our individual decks over looking the mts.  Fresh flowers and candles in our rooms, and temperfoam matteresses.  Immpecable service and they did all our dirty laudry without charge.
They also had a wood fired Finnish sauna, which Steve and I made immediate use of.  The nights were cool, and we slept like babies.

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