Wednesday, November 20, 2013


KOk all you birders out there, don't get your tail feathers all in a knot, but I got something to say!  You know I love you guys.  Some of my good friends and relatives are hard core birders.  I think it is a great hobby, and I appreciate that you can laugh at yourself...right?  
About half our little group of hardy travlers are birders, and I am learning alot, whether I want to or not, because being captive in a Land Cruiser on a game drive which lasts hours gives you time to observe...the Birders!  Now, I know if we had come across a lion with a fresh kill, you would have loved that too, but we didn't.  So, Steve and I were included in your world, and it looked like downright ecstasy a few times when something new was spotted. I learned about "listers ( not a bird, folks) and more bird minutia than I ever thought possible.  Our guides and drivers are birders, so we could not get away if  we tried!  They will stop anytime and any place to sight.  Our cuiser is filled with books, binnocs, very expensive camers lenses, and happy camper birders.  I am sure they would happily spend all day, forgo lunch and even wine time!  That is why our 2 hr game drives always took 4 or 5 hours!  
I get it, but then again, I don't.  I caught Steve peeking thru the bird book after complaining that no one was looking for lions, etc.  And I even took some pretty good shots with my little point and shoot, but I don't know what they are........yet.  Oh this just the first step into that swirling vortex of birding?
Well, you birders out there...and you know who you are....these shots are for you!

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