Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Forget the phrase "relaxing time" I used in the last post.  We are up early(in my case, I am at the early risers coffee at 5:30) along with a few others all hundled with our ipads uploading pics and trying to capture the limited WiFi. After another long game drive, and back for lunch, we cross again on our "ferry" and drive to Murchison Falls for a hike.  It is about 97 degrees,and once again my dissconnect with Ugandan reality doesn't hit until we get to the "trail head".  Hahhaha. Steep trail on precarious outcroppings...YES.  Guard rails or anything remotely related to safety....NO. We hiked down to the fall area, which was spectacular and wet and slippery.  Then we had to hike Back UP.  It was so hot.  Then we hiked down and up again until we came to the river below the falls, where a boat picked us up for a ride back which was suppossed to take a little over an hour. The cataract of the falls is one of the earth's largest with 11,000 cubic feet a second exploding thru a 20 ft wide chasm.  It was not an easy hike, and a few people had rough going, but we all made it to the boat eventually, and were offered cold beer and chips.  Did I say it was hot!  A steam bath really.

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